Area: 600 Acres
Planted: 36 Acres
Elevation: 2,200 – 2,800 Feet
Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon,
Cabernet Franc

Vineyard Profile

Vineyard Profile

Pine Mountain Vineyards is dedicated to producing the exceptional wine grapes expected by artisan winemakers and premium wineries. The vineyard is located on the upper western flank of Pine Mountain about 7 miles from Cloverdale. Our farming practices are well adapted to the high-elevation setting and reliably deliver harvests of fruit intense in color and flavor. Our viticulture philosophy is to tailor our winegrowing to meet the specific styles of each of the wineries we serve.

Terroir: The elevation, soil, and climate of Pine Mountain Vineyards

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Pine Mountain Vineyards is located within 660 rugged acres on the western flank of Pine Mountain, equidistant between the summit of Pine Mountain and Cloverdale Peak, at the center of the newly established Pine Mountain-Cloverdale Peak AVA.

The defining characteristic of Pine Mountain Vineyards is its elevation, with all of its 36 acres of vine-planted blocks spread out between 2,200 to 2,800 feet, the large majority facing south or southwest. The mountainous terrain is typically steep; the soil is shallow to moderately deep, very well drained, and contains large components of sand and gravel. Prominent soil types are Cole Loam and the Hopland-Witherell-Squawrock Complex. The micro-climate of the vineyard exhibits all the characteristics associated with high-elevation viticulture. These include cooler daytime and warmer nighttime temperatures than in the valley, longer sunlight hours, and cooling oceanic breezes. An analysis of growing season degree-days at Pine Mountain Vineyards shows that it is very similar to high quality Cabernet Sauvignon sites in southern Napa Valley. With its unique combination of features, the Pine Mountain Vineyards terroir favors the production of fruit that is intense in flavor and color, with clusters that are typically only one-third to one-half the size of valley-grown grapes.

“I have been involved with the Pine Mountain Vineyards for four years, initially as an acquisition candidate, and now in an advisory role with the new owners. In tracking four seasons of temperature data in the lower block of the vineyard, the growing season Degree Days have consistently been near-identical to temperature stations I have in vineyards north of Napa City (Oak Knoll, Silverado Bench areas). This temperature pattern, combined with the high elevation and well-drained mountain top soils, has always struck me as a superb site for growing the highest quality Cabernet Sauvignon. I look forward to seeing the product of passionate winemakers from this historically under-utilized vineyard.”
Richard Brockmeyer, Wine Industry Investment Consulting