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Viticulture Practices

Viticulture Practices

Pine Mountain Vineyards is a family enterprise dedicated to growing the best grapes and creating the best wine from the Pine Mountain terroir. To that end, we apply the latest advances in the science of viticulture and the practice of precision farming with an emphasis on managing and exploiting the effects of high elevation on vine stress, bud setting, and cluster development.

The Vineyards comprise 36 acres of vine-planted blocks spread out between 2,200 to 2,800 feet elevation, the large majority facing south or southwest.

Plantings At-A-Glance:

VARIETY Cabernet Franc Cab Sauvignon Cab Sauvignon
YEAR PLANTED 1998 1998 2001
ACRE 2 23 11
BLOCKS 1 10 2
SPACING 9×5 9×5 7×5
ROOTSTOCK 100R 44-53m 3309,100-14
CLONES 1 7, 8 337, 191
AVERAGE YIELD 2.5 to 3 tons/acre
DEGREE-DAYS: Average degree-days: 2,950.
Average number of days between 95 and 100 degrees/over 100 degrees: 5/2 (as compared to 12/10 in the valley below).